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Why Google ads best for sale and get target Audience

Why Google ads best for sale and get target Audience

What are Google Ads and Google Search-related ads?

Google ads: Over the years, Google has become one of the world’s largest search engines and ads networks for different advertisement options, making Google Ads the most used ads option globally, but why is that so? Do you know what every second, Google records over 2.4 million searches both on topical and commercial related services?

This is why even though you are searching for conventional information, you will likely get relevant products and services related to your search as ads. And these ads are always paid for by businesses or individuals who need exposure, engagement, conversion, or brand awareness.

When people hear “Google Ads,” they usually think of pay-per-click advertisements on search engine results pages or just driving traffic to your website.

However, Google ads have advanced far more than that. It is widely used by professional and non-professional digital marketers alike due to the budget flexibility, massive target audience, ability to manage ads.

Total control of your campaign reach/ target audience, quick results, and high conversion rate. It generally makes marketing a lot easier for both growing and established businesses. In this article, you will learn the vital details about Google ads and why you should use Google Ads for your campaigns.

What is Google Ads/Google Search Ads?

Even a 3rd grader today understands how to search for words and information on Google, and as earlier highlighted, it is the world’s most used search engine; the chances are that you must have seen ads on several of your searches on Google.

Still, before we talk about Google Search Ads, it is essential to know what it really is.

That said, what is Google Ads?

Google Ads is a marketing feature created by Google to serve sponsored adverts, displayed as search results on and as banner ads on websites via their AdSense and Display Network Programs alike.

Majorly, Paid Google Ads are divided into two major types, the Organic or Display Ads. Suppose you are conversant with using Google.

In that case, you will notice a green ads label button when you search for results close your sponsored ads results, known as organic results because they are served via SEO when you search for relevant or related information.

Organic search results are the results that appear behind the advertising (in the green box).

Display Ads are mostly served via websites and apps which are available via Google Display Network. A large group of external, third-party websites have collaborated with Google and agreed to display Google adverts.

Google advertising on the Display Network is either image-based, text-based, video-

based, or rich media-based, and they can be targeted in a variety of ways. For instance, retargeting and banner adverts.

These are possible by making their words keyword centric, which implies that you use a list of words and phrases related to their target audience, brand, and the kind of services and product the business offers.

It is most important to do keyword research using either the Google Keyword Planner or SERP to know which keyword is most suitable for the campaign and what people are searching for in your niche.

The advertiser is charged a specific amount when people click on the ads, also known as CPC or Cost-per-click.

What are Google Search Ads?

Google Search ads is just a phrase to identify ads displayed on a google search result when you search a specific keyword. They are mostly served above generic effects, with an “ads” tag before the information.

When a person searches valid information to a particular business, ads relating to the business as shown, alongside other relevant information.

Why use Google Ads?

Now here is the thing, instead of asking, “Why should I use Google Ads?” you should be asking, “Why not?”

Google Ads is the best ads network for any business of any size and budget frame. You can use the Google Ads network for virtually any kind of business advertisement. Many companies are already using it to reach their preferred target audience and mirror audience, and you too can do the same.

So why wouldn’t you throw a bucket into a sea of seemingly unending searches of over 4 trillion annually— to see how much money you could generate?

According to research, one in every 100 leads always turns out to be a prospective client, and what will you lose when you have a massive playground like Google.

So leverage the opportunity now to make the best out of your business.

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