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What is Facebook Ads? And What is Facebook Marketing

What is Facebook Ads? And What is Facebook Marketing

Facebook Ads is a platform which ofer paid advertisement organic post and also allow brands to put their services in front of massive audience. Facebook  marketing works in a better way than any other social media platform because of its biggest marketplace.

Facebook Ads benefits and usage

Facebook is a good market place for growing your business.. Daily 1.5 billion user visit Facebook and this amount will be increasing day by day. From a survey it is estimated that nearly 2,3 billion people use Facebook monthly and nearly 7 million companies put their ads on monthly basis

Company promote their products to a specific audience based on gender, age and location who use Facebook Ads. Through Facebook Ads on page companies built relationship organically with their audience by sharing their post  as post will show up newsfeed.

In fact Facebook is not an isolated system you can also connect it with other marketing place like email marketing, mobile marketing, SEO marketing and Facebook Ads manager that will surely promote your brand

Target your audience- Facebook Ads

You can select your audience by noticing their interests like education, l life events, relationship status or jobs, entertainment, sport, hobbies and shopping habits.

With Facebook Ads platform you can lead your audience to your website which increase your website traffic than those people who land on your site as these are audience know about your products. So you should design such ads which Encourage your audience and boost traffic on your website.

Format of ads

You can use both text and visual format for your ads. You can turn your posts into ads by making a story or by making a slideshow of your new product or by using Carousel add. In this way you can boost traffic on your website.

Social media ranking means a lot. So your text or visual format must rank on social media for this you should take care of SEO for Google search as it believed like reboot into your account

As time goes on so Facebook Ads also developing its add according to the requirement of its user. Format of ads changing day by day visual ads are the most preferable than text.

Visual add includes

  • 1video ads
  • 2 image ads
  •  3 carousel add
  • 4collection add
  • 5 slideshow ad
  • 6 lead generation add

Video Facebook Ads

This is the excellent way to determine your product with all its feature in actions .video add include short video ,GIF for capturing attention of audiences.

Image Facebook Ads

According to your budget you can also make image add which is quite good and fast to represent.

Carousel Facebook Ads

This format include 10 images or videos in a single advertisement.

Collection Facebook Ads

It is like a catalog of product which can post on your page or upload on your website.

Slideshow Facebook Ads

This type of ad is also like video these are for those audiences whose Internet is low, this includes a lot of images.

Lead generation Facebook Ads

This format of ads are usually made for mobile users when they click on image the ad will start on.

Strategies for effective Facebook Ads for marketing

To make your ad more effective you should develop a strategy. First of all, you should select your goals. Your goal will determine your companie’s techniques. Your company should know generating leads, increase in traffic on your website, increase conversations and sale , improve your customer support and also your company know about the rising brands.

Your company should analyze that audience will be your high priority, you must know about the interest of your audience. So you can receive good feedback from them.

The format of your ad also matter a lot. You also have regular checks and balances about it you should take care of your image links, status of your post, and type of content of you are using.

Facebook tools prove a plenty for your ads. You must avail these tools you can create a Facebook Chatbot that will boost your products.

By using these tips you can make your Facebook Ads marketing more and more effective.

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